Country Quilt Llama Farm offers the following programs:


"Hooked on Llamas" for the younger crowd
An entertaining as well as educating program designed specifically for children of all ages. Country Quilt Llama Farm will come to your daycare center, school or library with a presentation on llamas and alpacas. Owner Debbie Labbe will first let the children pet the llama, then they can settle down and sit in front of the llama as she reads they story "Is Your Mama a Llama?" For the older children, Debbie reads "Llamas" by Mary R. Dunn, which is filled with many informative facts. She has large photos to explain the many uses of llamas, along with llama fiber products for the children to see and touch. at the end of the program, there is time for questions and answers and another chance to pet the llama. The programs takes approximately 30 minutes for a group of 20 children and can be held inside or outside.

 Please contact Debbie for more information, rates and references.


"Hooked on Llamas" for the older crowd 

This program is geared towards the residents of nursing homes, convalescent centers, assisted living and adult daycare centers. Residents are encouraged to pet and touch the llama or alpaca as they are very people friendly. Debbie uses photos to illustrate the many uses of llamas, such as cart pulling, as well as their ability to function as a pack animal. Samples of fiber products are also available for the "hands on" experience. The program usually lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to one hour depending on the size of the group and how many questions are asked, and can be held inside or outside for year-round scheduling.

Please contact Debbie for more information, rates and references.
 Also available - Llama Walks! View more information here.